The complete WC system It just belongs together

The Geberit iCon Rimfree wall-hung WC, a concealed cistern and an actuator plate build a complete WC system that works perfectly together.

Hasslefree and fast installation Benefit from an optimal installation experience in front of and behind the wall


Hygienic bathroom with personal touch Enjoy more comfort and design in you daily life

Geberit iCon WC

Better cleaning

Geberit iCon WCs are available in rounded and square design. This means all customers find a perfect solution for their own personal wishes and spatial requirements. Easy and convenient cleaning due to the new Rimfree Technology and the optimized hydraulics.

Geberit iCon bathroom series

Soft-closing WC seat

Silent and convenient

A practical, quiet solution – a light touch is all that’s needed to close the WC lid gently thanks to the soft-closing mechanism. The Geberit flush valve type 212 offers individually adjustable flush options as well as an integrated flush flow restrictor. The reduced valve closing noise also ensure a quiet bathroom user experience.

Soft-closing mechanism
Geberit flush valve type 212

Quick-release WC seat

Easy and fast seat removal

Dirt and bacteria can also accumulate on the outside of the WC ceramic appliance, which is why cleanliness is also an important factor here. Lockable soft closing hinges for easy and fast seat removal and cleaning due to the Geberit Quick-Release function.

Geberit Quick-Release function

Geberit Sigma50 with orientation light

Comfort and freshness

The Geberit DuoFresh module not only eliminates unpleasant odours, it also offers a whole host of intelligent functions. For example, the optional built-in sensor detects whenever someone approaches the WC and automatically activates the odour extraction unit. Moreover, the LED orientation light switches on automatically at night to light your way to the bathroom.

Geberit DuoFresh module

Geberit actuator plates

Over 150 actuator plate designs

At the end of the day, it’s your bathroom. This is why you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to choosing the actuator plate for the toilet flush. The actuator plate not only adds the finishing touch to your bathroom, it also offers comfort functions that can really enhance your lifestyle.
Discover the extensive range of available options in our actuator plate showroom and be inspired by the variety of shapes, colours and materials on offer.

Geberit showroom for actuator plates

Saving natural resources Be part of our commitment to the circular economy

For decades, sustainability has been part of our identity. Environmentally friendly, resource-saving, durable products are extremely important at Geberit. This is why Geberit utilises eco-design and develops products consistently according to its principles. Seen across the entire life cycle – from obtaining the raw materials right through to disposal – each product must be better than its predecessor from an ecological perspective.

Find out more about our contribution to sustainability in the sanitary industry

The Geberit product life cycle

*only if applicable

Geberit concealed cistern

The Geberit iCon Rimfree WC system is an example of the Geberit eco-design principle. The iCon Rimfree WC with new flush guide made of 69 % recycled ABS is installed on the Duofix element. In the Sigma 12 cm concealed cistern, the new flush valve 212 enables individual water consumption settings. The flush is triggered via the recyclable Sigma30 actuator plate, which is fastened in a frame made of 100 % recycled ABS. All products are distinguished by their durability and can be repaired even after many years of use.

Picto sustainability

Energy and CO2 reduction
For decades, Geberit has been striving to reduce its ecological footprint. Minus 5% CO2 intensity (CO2 emissions in relation to currency-adjusted net sales) per year is a clear goal. Geberit is continuing along this successful path with its new strategy for reducing CO2 emissions. Geberit also continuously increases the share of renewable energy sources.

Picto maintenance

Geberit products are characterised by the use of high-quality materials. They are usually backwards-compatible and can be cleaned, maintained and repaired easily. A considerable proportion of the product range has a guaranteed spare parts availability of up to 25 years. All of these aspects play a role in minimising the use of energy and resources, keeping the service life and useful life of products as high as possible, closing material cycles and constantly increasing the use of recycled materials.

Picto watersaving

Geberit supports the economical and careful use of water along the entire value chain. Innovative Geberit sanitary products help to systematically optimize water consumption. According to a model calculation, around 38,000 million m3 water has been able to be saved since 1998 thanks to Geberit dual-flush and flush-stop cisterns in comparison with traditional flushing systems. With eco-design the products are also checked and improved with regard to water consumption.