Release notes

Update Geberit BIM plug-in April 2023


New in the catalogue module

New in the Assistance module

New in the Pluvia module

News in the Installation module

Information about older release notes

Here you will find all information about the new version 2022 R2 of the Geberit BIM plug-in. The new Version 2022 R2 supports the following Autodesk Revit Versions: 2021, 2022, 2023.

The following functions have been newly added or expanded:

  • Replacement of obsolete Revit families
  • Reporting of estimated installation times
  • Drain assemblies have been added to the catalogue module
  • Floor drains & slotted gratings have been added to the catalogue module
  • For pipe connection/disconnection type of connection can be selected
  • Geberit Mepla pipes can be insulated now
  • Geberit Silent-PP rod lentgh added to the corresponding articel number
  • New search function for piping system import available
  • Cutting optimization list adapted to facilitate label printing in accordance with the cutting list
  • Pluvia regenerating function is reusing existing components instead of deleting those
  • Exchanged Pluvia roof outlets using the already used flow values as long they are in the allowed limits
  • New information window added which shows the estimated calculation time when recalculating the Pluvia system
  • To enable easy labeling calculated parameters of the installation systems are written back to properties
  • Invalid calculations of the installation systems are remarked now to initiate new and valid calculation