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Release notes

Update Geberit BIM plug-in April 2024

The new release of the Geberit BIM plug-in version 2.8 supports the following Autodesk Revit®-version: V2022; V2023 and V2024.


New in the catalogue module

New in the Assistance module

New in the Pluvia Module

Information about older release notes

October 2023

With the new release the Geberit BIM Plug-in Version 2.7 is supported on the following Autodesk Revit versions*: V2022; V2023 and V2024

* Users using Revit 2021 should not update if they want to remain using the Geberit BIM Plug-in. In April 2024, after 6 months of grace period, Revit 2021 will no longer be supported.


  • Routing Preferences is more user friendly.
  • Revit files can be downloaded from Online catalogues.

New in the catalogue module:

The following products have been added to the catalogue module:

  • Geberit Funnel ovel in the different sizes d40, d48 and d50
  • Geberit fire protection sleeve RS90 Plus DIN
  • Geberit formwork guard
  • Additional Pluvia vapour barrier connections
  • Geberit Pluvia roof outlet for gutters 45l
  • Geberit Pluvia supplementary set, suitable for parking decks
  • Geberit Pluvia supplementary set, suitable for promenade decks
  • Geberit Silent-db20 end cap & screw cap
  • Geberit HDPE compression joint

New in the Assistance module:

  • Tags for Labelling elements
  • Multiple pipe splitting available