Colourful student digsLivinnX, Krakow (PL)

The LivinnX student residence in the university city of Krakow in Poland proves that a student residence can also do this: modern design, resource-saving technologies and space for the community.

The path to a sweet student life is often a rough one. The college diploma is only the first hurdle. A place to live, affordable, centrally located, accessible by public transport, in a nice neighborhood, is another. Finding such a place in densely populated, high-priced metropolises is like running the gauntlet.

This is also the case in Krakow. In the last 20 years, the city in the south of Poland has developed into an Eastern European centre for new technologies and life sciences. With its eleven universities, the former royal city is a magnet for students not only from Poland. About 51 000 young people study here. Affordable housing is correspondingly rare.

Where history lives

Over 700 students now find this in the history-steeped quarter, on Romanowicz Street. In the immediate vicinity is a special museum - the former enamelware factory of Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of around 1200 Jewish forced labourers during the Second World War.

The architecture studio Make It with IMB Asymetria completely rebuilt the former seven-storey industrial building. The new student dormitory inside is much more than a dormitory. Colourful, spacious and equipped with numerous lounges, LivinnX's interior design creates space for students to live together, for cosy barbecue evenings and discussion nights on the roof terrace, for cooking together in communal kitchens, for studying together in the integrated library. A weight room as well as a spa facility with sauna and jacuzzi round off the leisure facilities of this student residence. In short: LivinnX translates the “student digs“ into today's world.

Ecological design for the smallest rooms

Even the smallest bathrooms reveal the individual taste of their inhabitants (© Jaroslaw Kakal/Geberit)

The furnishing of individual living units and their bathrooms is also on the cutting edge. Geberit products make an important contribution to this, for many reasons. Firstly, the WC ceramics from Geberit's Kolo Modo ceramic series are compact, which is a particularly important plus point in the wet rooms of the size of 2,8 m². On the other hand, the high quality of the products perfectly fulfils the purpose of equipping bathrooms for young residents in a functional and durable way. Thanks to the rimless technology, they are extremely easy to clean. The dual flush installed as standard in the bathrooms also makes it easier to reduce water consumption. Modern design, high quality and careful use of resources go hand in hand here.


Geberit Know-how

Geberit Know-how

  • Installation system Kolo Technic Gt
  • Kolo Modo Rimfree WC ceramics

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