Living on a small footMarjolein Jonker on the appeal of the small space

Marjolein Jonker is an expert on how to make maximal use of a small space. Marjolein Jonker is the front woman of the Tiny House movement in the Netherlands. She is convinced: “Tiny houses are a conscious decision for a different lifestyle. Geberit fits perfectly with this philosophy“.

Marjolein Jonker from the Netherlands in her Tiny House (© Chiela van Meerwijk)

Marjolein, who lives in a Tiny House?

More and more people are living by values that the housing market still does not adequately address: living a simple life, not taking more than you need, minimalism, and more connection with people and nature. Tiny houses are a conscious choice for a different lifestyle.

What challenges do architects and planners face regarding the Tiny House movement?

The Tiny House movement is originally a movement of private individuals. The challenge is primarily to pay more attention to social developments and housing needs and to develop in a demand-driven rather than supply-driven manner. The best way to do this is in cooperation with the clientele. Affordability and environmentally friendly construction are big concerns, which is becoming an increasing challenge with rising material prices and inflation.

Why are Tiny Houses more sustainable than larger houses?

A Tiny House requires fewer raw materials in the form of building materials and uses much less energy to heat. In addition, Tiny Houses have less storage space than regular homes, which requires residents to make more conscious decisions when buying new items. This results in a much lower environmental footprint.

Why did you opt for Geberit products for your own Tiny House?

For me, living small means consciously choosing what I find beautiful and important and avoiding anything superfluous. For sustainability reasons, I like to choose high-quality products and materials that last a long time. Precisely because I need less space and resources, I can opt for high product and material quality and a luxurious design for my Tiny House. Geberit fits this philosophy perfectly. The company has products in its range that fit very well in a Tiny House, such as particularly compact WCs and washbasins in many sizes. Geberit has the right solution for every Tiny House.

About Marjolein Jonker
Marjolein Jonker is an ambassador and frontwoman of the Tiny House movement in the Netherlands. She has made it her mission to familiarize the Netherlands with the philosophy behind the movement and to make living in sustainable tiny houses possible in more places. She is the founder of the Tiny House Netherlands Foundation and advises both private individuals and housing associations on the planning and realization of the tiny houses. In 2022, she built a new Tiny House for herself on her property.

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