Geberit SuperTubeThe space gaining system

Hydraulically optimised drainage of high-rise buildings

Geberit SuperTube technology is based on the perfect interplay between system components, which enables waste water systems to be installed in a particularly space-saving manner in high-rise buildings. SuperTube means a parallel ventilation pipe is no longer required, creating more space for the residential and floor space. Pipelines with consistently smaller dimensions allow smaller pipe ducts to be used. Horizontal pipelines can be laid to a length of up to six metres without a slope to save even more space.

  • More residential and floor space
  • Simple planning and quick installation
  • Smaller, consistent pipe diameters of d110
  • Maximum discharge capacity of 12 l/s
  • No additional ventilation pipes required
  • Horizontal pipelines without slopes (up to 6 m)

Space-saving installation

Save space with smaller pipe dimensions of d110 without an additional ventilation pipe. Additional savings with horizontal pipes of up to six metres in length without a slope
A large amount of space required for conventional drainage systems with pipe dimension of d160 and an additional d90 ventilation pipe

The comparison illustrates the difference:

With Geberit SuperTube (illustration on left), the discharge capacity is 12 l/s. This technology facilitates a consistent discharge pipe with a pipe dimension of d110, meaning there is no need for a ventilation pipe. What's more, the horizontal pipelines can be laid to a length of up to six metres without a slope.

A conventional discharge pipe (illustration on right) achieves a discharge capacity of 12.4 l/s with pipe dimensions of d160 and an additional d90 ventilation pipe.

Perfect interplay

The outflowing water is set in rotation in the Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting.

A continuous column of air with Geberit SuperTube
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Three fittings make the crucial difference

Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting d110

Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting d110

The optimised product geometry of the Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting guides the water into the stack and sets it in rotation, which causes it to press against the pipe wall. The resulting annular flow creates a stable, continuous column of air on the inside, which facilitates a discharge capacity of 12 l/s.

Geberit HDPE BottomTurn Bend d110

Geberit HDPE BottomTurn bend

With the Geberit HDPE BottomTurn bend, a change in direction causes the wall of water to break and the annular flow to become a layered flow without disrupting the column of air. This change significantly reduces impulse losses compared with conventional solutions.

Geberit HDPE BackFlip Bend d110

Geberit HDPE BackFlip bend

The twisted Geberit HDPE BackFlip bend causes the layered flow of water to swirl, which allows it to rotate through the vertical pipeline as it drains away in an annular flow. The inner air column in the subsequent stack is maintained.

GEBERIT SUPERTUBE EXPLAINED IN A NUTSHELLDiscover all the details of Geberit SuperTube

Geberit SuperTube planning toolOnline calculation

Hand using the Supertool planning tool on a tablet

Straightforward planning thanks to the dimensioning tool. The web tool guides you through the process of planing a one-dimensional discharge pipe step by step. The values and information obtained can then be collated and downloaded as a PDF file.

Geberit SuperTube planning tool (English)

Geberit SuperTube planning tool (French)

Geberit SuperTube planning tool (Spanish)

Determination of pipe diameter (English)


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