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Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes and fittings can be welded together. Butt welding and electrofusion sleeve couplings are well suited to this application. Geberit offers a range of modern, highly efficient welding tools for this purpose.

Overview of tools

Operation of the Geberit electrofusion machine ESG 3

Geberit ESG 3

  • A welding tool for all pipe dimensions from DN 40 to DN 300
  • Simultaneous welding of up to three electrofusion couplings saves time
  • Remote control facilitates installation work
  • Compact and robust design for everyday building site work
  • Can be operated with a generator thanks to built-in overvoltage protection
Geberit ESG 3

Features of Geberit ESG 3

Geberit electrofusion machineGeberit ESG 3
Electrofusion couplingsx
Electrofusion tapesx
Electrofusion couplings with integrated thermal fusex
Quick exchange of the connecting cable for electrofusion couplingx
Fall impact cushioningx
Right angle plugx
Remote controlx
Simultaneous welding of up to three electrofusion couplingsx
Possible to interrupt the welding procedurex
Poperation with power generatorx
Weight in kg5,9



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