Geberit ComfortLightYour favourite lighting – guaranteed

It is often the first place we go in the morning and the last place we go at night: the bathroom. It's where we prepare for the day and take care of ourselves before we go to sleep. A cosy atmosphere in the bathroom helps start the day positively and end it calmly. Geberit's lighting concept creates harmonious lighting through connected light sources and Geberit ComfortLight.

The benefits:

  • Sanitary products and bathroom furniture with Geberit ComfortLight set the mood in the room and light it perfectly at any time of day.
  • Adjustable brightness and light colour bring a feel-good factor to the bathroom.
  • The connected light sources can be controlled simultaneously and harmoniously at the touch of a button.

Intuitively choose the right light for every situation

The automatic light control allows for continuous dimming and is intuitive to operate: the light is automatically cooler when the light is brighter and warmer when dimmer. Combining the colour temperature and brightness in this way is what makes the Geberit ComfortLight unique. The lighting concept offers four programmed lighting moods that can be continuously dimmed to provide the right light for every need:

Simple controlHarmonious lighting at the touch of a button

All light sources can be controlled simultaneously at the touch of a button using the established DALI control system. Customers can decide whether they want to operate the lighting digitally through the Geberit Home app, using the touch sensor switch on the mirror cabinet or with the bathroom light switch. The Geberit Home app can also be used to pre-programme time frames for different lighting moods.

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