A thorough flush - guaranteed Geberit TurboFlush flush technology

Rimless inner geometry

A eureka moment comes when opening the lid, revealing the asymmetrical, completely rimless inner geometry of the WC ceramic appliance. Together with the innovative TurboFlush flush technology, a thorough and ultra-quiet flushing out of the ceramic appliance is guaranteed. When the toilet is flushed, the water flows laterally into the ceramic appliance and spirals through its interior. Thanks to the optimised way in which the flow of water is guided, TurboFlush minimises the amount of cleaning required.

Geberit ONE WC with TurboFlush

Geberit ONE WC with TurboFlush

With the Geberit ONE WC, Geberit is setting new standards in the bathroom of today and tomorrow with a pioneering interplay of design and function. The wall-hung WC ceramic appliance is both elegant and perfectly proportioned. The toilet is the epitome of harmony – all the proportions and shapes are perfectly coordinated with one another. The result speaks for itself.

TurboFlush flush technology is also found in the Geberit AquaClean Sela and Mera shower toilet models.

Geberit ONE
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