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On this website you will find answers to general questions about the Geberit BIM plug-in and the Geberit BIM data. You will also find helpful videos here that show you how to use the Geberit BIM plug-in correctly and how you can use it to plan more efficiently. In addition to the respective information on updates and new versions, you will also find information for troubleshooting here.

General questions

What can I use the Geberit BIM plug-in for?

Installing the Geberit BIM plug-in in your Autodesk Revit application gives you access to all Geberit Revit families. This ensures that you can always download current, country and language-specific BIM objects without having to search for them on websites or portals. In addition to the BIM catalog, the Geberit BIM plug-in also offers you other useful and helpful functions and planning modules as well. Also see the video in the FIRST STEPS chapter.

Do I have to pay a fee to use the Geberit BIM plug-in and/or do I need a license for it?

You can download and install the Geberit BIM plug-in on any local Geberit BIM website (www.geberit.xy/bim). The use of the BIM catalog and the assistants are license-free and free of charge. You need a license for the Pluvia roof drainage module and the module for the Geberit installation systems. If you would like to use these modules, please get in touch with your contact person at your local Geberit branch.


Which Microsoft Windows versions and which Autodesk Revit versions is the Geberit BIM plug-in compatible with?

The Geberit BIM plug-in has the same minimum requirements for the Windows operating system as your Revit application. The current system requirements for the Autodesk Revit application can be found here: Autodesk Revit system requirements

The Geberit BIM plug-in is always compatible with the current and the two previous versions of Revit. The current version 2022 is compatible with Revit 2022, 2021 and 2020.

How do I install the Geberit BIM plug-in?

Download the installation file from your local Geberit website and run the installation file (*.msi). The Geberit BIM plug-in then installs itself automatically in the correct program directory. After restarting your Revit application, the Geberit BIM plug-in is displayed under the “Additional Modules“ tab and can be started.


Why do I have to adjust the country settings before starting a project?

The entire product range of the Geberit Group is divided into many different local product ranges. Use the country settings to select the product range that corresponds to the country or region of your project. This is very important to prevent you planning Geberit products in your project that are not available in the relevant country or region. In addition, the local Geberit catalog and the associated BIM objects are displayed in the respective national language. In multilingual regions, such as Switzerland, you can choose from several national languages. We strongly recommend not changing the regional settings within the same project. This can lead to functional impairments of the Geberit BIM plug-in.