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Overview of toilets A variety of WCs at a glance

Good reasons for a WC from Geberit

If WC technology and design are optimally coordinated, this results in real benefits for sanitary professionals and bathroom users alike. Toilets from Geberit are very easy to clean and impress with an outstanding and quiet flush performance. Our sanitary products reflect our decades of expertise and show that with our WC systems, all components from the WC ceramic appliance to the cistern in front of and behind the wall are optimally coordinated. This enables sanitary specialists to install the system very quickly and easily. Clever installation systems for prewalls are essential here. The optimally coordinated components of our installation systems can be used to develop customised solutions for almost any construction task in front of the wall.

Geberit ONE WC

Rimless WCs for added cleanliness Geberit Rimfree® WCs

In addition to design, hygiene and ease of cleaning are also decisive factors when choosing WC ceramic appliances. The flush rim is a nuisance because germs, dirt and deposits can accumulate there. The rimless WCs from Geberit are designed entirely without a flush rim. There are therefore no hidden, hard-to-reach places where deposits can build up and odours can develop. This makes the toilet much easier to clean. Our Rimfree® WC ceramic appliances feature a patented flush technology that we developed ourselves. A flush guide ensures a hygienically perfect flush in the WC every time without using much water.

Which Rimfree WC matches your style? Something for everyone

Round, rectangular or narrow. Besides their different shapes, rimless toilets differ in price as well. We have the right WC on offer for everyone. Thanks to the versatile design, the WC ceramic appliances can be harmoniously combined with existing ceramic appliances and match any bathroom.

TurboFlush The precise and powerful WC flush

We have developed the TurboFlush flush technology to ensure even greater hygiene and less cleaning. Our experts were able to optimise the entire flow of water, from the cistern to the toilet and on to the drain. The inner geometry of our WC ceramic appliances with TurboFlush is designed to convert the energy of the water from the cistern into the best possible WC flush. It guides the flush water through the rimless ceramic appliance in a powerful whirl. The outflowing water is precisely controlled and enables a thorough flush across the entire bowl. The flush performance is up to 10 times higher than the requirements of international standards.

The Geberit ONE WC with efficient rotary flush

The wall-hung Geberit ONE WC with TurboFlush flush technology is both elegant and perfectly proportioned. The rimless ceramic appliance and an asymmetrical inner geometry immediately catches one’s eye. When the toilet is flushed, the water flows laterally into the WC ceramic appliance and spirals through its interior – for a quiet and very thorough flush.

With its timeless elegance, this toilet can be integrated into a wide variety of bathrooms. The simple removal of the lid makes the WC appliance very easy to clean. Due to a sophisticated installation technology, the toilet is height-adjustable. The clearance for this is 4 cm. The height of the toilet can be adjusted both during the initial installation as well as many years down the road without pulling out the wall.

Geberit ONE WC ceramic appliance
Simple removal of WC lid and seat
Asymmetrical inner geometry for a thorough flush

The wall-hung Geberit ONE WC is both elegant and perfectly proportioned. Thanks to its timeless design, it can be integrated in all kinds of bathrooms. The simple removal of the WC lid makes the ceramic appliance even easier to clean. The QuickRelease system is also available on other WC ceramic appliances.

Geberit AquaClean shower toilet Thorough cleaning with water

Geberit AquaClean Mera in chrome with remote control
Geberit AquaClean Sela with WhirlSpray technology

Water is essential for everyday personal hygiene and cleans gently yet thoroughly. As a result, even more people are becoming fans of natural, gentle cleaning on the toilet using water instead of toilet paper. This perfect combination of attractive product design and everyday appliance with added comfort gives the bathroom a special touch.

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Geberit Monolith Added Scope in the bathroom

Geberit Monolith sanitary module in sand grey

When Geberit Monolith was launched on the market in 2010, it bridged the gap between conventional exposed cisterns and concealed cisterns hidden behind the wall. The elegant sanitary module with integrated cistern was celebrated as a new, versatile design element in the bathroom. Since the very beginning, the Geberit Monolith has been compatible with virtually all standard WC ceramic appliances and Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. Installation usually requires no structural modifications, which is a significant advantage both in new buildings and as part of renovations. The front cladding is made of safety glass, is available in different colours and materials, and comes in two heights. The Geberit Monolith Plus also features additional functions for even more comfort in the bathroom, including an integrated LED light, odour extraction unit and an easy-to-clean control panel.

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