Geberit innovations

New perspectives For the whole bathroom

By combining expertise in the fields of sanitary technology, design and innovative functions, we are able to open up new possibilities with regard to planning, designing and installing bathrooms. Read on to find out about attractive new features and additions to the Geberit product ranges in front of and behind the wall.

Uncompromising elegance Geberit Olona

Geberit Olona shower surface

The look of the Geberit Olona shower surface is just as stunning as its functions – as illustrated by the minimalist design of its floating-style drain. The drain cover for the Geberit Olona shower surface is surrounded by a slim chrome ring – a small, delicate accent that makes it appear as though the round disc is floating.

Geberit Olona blends in perfectly with all kinds of floorings and wall coverings, whether they use ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone or even wood. Its sleek design with a matt white colour throughout is what makes it so versatile.

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Next generation Geberit Alpha concealed cisterns

Geberit Alpha next generation

The next generation of the Geberit Alpha concealed cistern offers functions and application of the premium ranges, Sigma and Omega, with the established Geberit quality on a mid-level price point. Geberit Alpha now offers a wider and more flexible application range:

  • Low height installation with top and front actuation
  • Standard height with front application which can be used for slim and regular wall thickness

Alpha next generation is available in the standard elements for dry wall and brick wall solutions Geberit Duofix and Geberit Kombifix as well as concealed cistern.

More information on Geberit concealed cisterns

Freedom of design Geberit tap system for ablution areas

Geberit tap system for ablution areas

Our tap system and its Duofix element have been adapted to fit the specific requirements of ablution areas. Ablution areas are meant for ceremonial washing and are usually found in mosques, in prayers rooms in shopping centers and also in private housing. The tap system for ablution areas offers many advantages, such as the splash resistant cover plate and the robust tap connection. The elegant design of our taps combined with the tileable coverplate offers a great freedom of design.

More information about the Geberit tap system

New colours Geberit Sigma and Omega

Geberit Sigma actuator plates

The Sigma and Omega actuator plates are available in two new colours: lava and sand grey. These colours replace the existing colour umber and sand.

More information about Geberit actuator plates

Contemporary look with a new colour concept Geberit Monolith

Geberit Monolith sanitary module in lava

We’ve given you even more design options in the bathroom with contemporary new surface colours for the Geberit Monolith and Monolith Plus.

Going forward, the front cladding will be available in two new colours. Moreover, there are two new cladding effects in stoneware look. The side cladding is now also available in black chrome, which can be combined with the dark models in our colour palette.

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Sleek elegance Geberit Tawa

Geberit Tawa bathtub

The new Geberit Tawa is an acrylic bathtub in a class of its own. Its exceptionally slim rim which is just 1.5 cm wide and its elegant design make it really stand out from the crowd. In terms of design, the new Tawa bathtub is a fusion of both organic and geometric shapes. Whether bathing together or alone, the slim rim bathtub offers plenty of space in various sizes ranging up to 190 x 90 cm for the Duo model. What’s more, installation couldn’t be easier thanks to the Geberit mounting foot set. Geberit Tawa will be available on the market from 1 April 2021.

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New furniture surface Geberit VariForm

Geberit VariForm washbasin cabinet in oak

The oak colour variant has been added to the Geberit VariForm furniture assortment. The new surface lends the washbasin area a warm character and, with the matching VariForm lay-on washbasin, offers a harmonious combination in a straightforward design language.

The washbasin cabinet assortment is now available in four different surface colours: oak, white, lava and hickory.

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Everything under control Geberit Narva and Geberit Selnova Trigonal urinal ceramic appliances

Geberit Renova trigonal urinal ceramic appliance

Easy installation and maintenance, reliable and efficient operation, vandal-resistant construction and all combined in an attractive design: The demands placed on urinals are many and various, and given the complexity of the task, it is important to be able to rely on a system with carefully matching components. Geberit Narva and Geberit SelnovaTrigonal combine all these requirements.

Geberit Narva features technical properties derived from top Preda and Selva products. The spray head is located in the upper area of the sleek, ergonomically designed urinal ceramic appliance and is precisely matched to the inner geometry. Geberit Selnova Trigonal has been added to the urinal ceramic appliance portfolio as a flush rim model in the lower price segment. Both versions are available with a water supply connection from the top or the rear.

If required, they are also available with the Geberit special glaze KeraTect® which creates a virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface that is easy and efficient to clean.

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The right mix every time New thermostatic mixer for the Geberit tap system

Geberit thermostatic mixer for added safety

The Geberit tap system shows that when it comes to choosing the right design and technical features, there’s no need to compromise on either. A new addition to its technology is a thermostatic mixer that reliably protects against scald injuries and precisely regulates the water temperature. It is located in a separate function box which professional technicians are able to access easily whenever they need to. This removes the need to schedule time-consuming work involved in adjusting temperatures or performing thermal disinfection. The new function is available with a connection to the power supply system or with battery operation. This makes it possible to equip any type of Piave and Brenta washbasin tap with a thermostatic mixer.

More information on Geberit taps for washbasins

Bond, click, turn Geberit set of feet for shower surfaces

Set of feet which can be clicked into place

The new set of feet which can be mounted without tools considerably simplifies the installation of shower surfaces. The Geberit Olona, Sestra and Melua shower surfaces can therefore be quickly and correctly positioned in the any building site environment.

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Space-saving Washbasin drainage solution

Geberit washbasin drainage solution

Geberit is introducing a new washbasin drainage solution which saves space as the direction change happens directly under the washbasin and thus doesn’t require any cut-out in the furniture. Thanks to the flexible outlet, there are no tensions in the installation. Three different outlet types are available: Push-to-open, lever and free flow.

More information about Geberit traps

Compact force Geberit Compact CP700G pressing tool

Hydraulic power pack Compact CP700G

Small, easy to handle, lightweight – but a real powerhouse for pressing large Geberit Mapress dimensions from d76.1 to d108 with compatibility [4] for increased requirements. The fixed pressure of 700 bar ensures perfect pressing operations. The additional pressing cylinder [2] enables dimensions d12 to d66.7 to also be pressed.