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Geberit Innovations 2023

New perspectives For the whole bathroom

Get an exclusive insight into the innovations for 2023. Read on to find out about attractive new features and additions to the Geberit product ranges in front of and behind the wall.

Bathroom products

The complete WC system It just belongs together

Geberit WC system

The Geberit iCon Rimfree wall-hung WC, a concealed cistern and an actuator plate build a complete WC system that works perfectly together.

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Sigma70 actuator plates Minimalist, floating design

Stainless steel Sigma70 in red gold (© Geberit)

The new Sigma70 actuator plate is characterised by its minimalist, floating design and the highest aesthetic standards. This innovative actuator plate is characterised by a highly precise mechanism as well as architectural colours and materials.

The new Geberit Sigma70 features reliable mechanical actuation technology. This guarantees both simple, intuitive operation and straightforward installation.

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Sigma50 actuator plates Tone-in-tone metal plates

Geberit Sigma50 actuator plates (© Geberit)

The new tone-in-tone metal colours of the Sigma50 actuator plates can be perfectly matched with other bathroom elements such as taps or the Geberit CleanLine shower channel. The plates are available in 3 new colour options: brass, red gold and black chrome.

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Omega actuator plates Range extension tone-in-tone

Geberit Omega actuator plates in black matt and white matt (© Geberit)

12 new tone-in-tone models have been added to the portfolio of the Omega actuator plate line: Omega20 and Omega30 are now available in black matt or white matt, offering even greater design freedom for low-height installations.

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White matt ceramic surfaces Geberit ONE and iCon bathroom series

Geberit iCon bathroom with ceramis in white matt (© Geberit)

The Geberit ONE and Geberit iCon bathroom series now include ceramic appliances with the trendy surface in white matt.

Both series offer the wall-hung WC and bidet with the new surface. In addition, the lay-on washbasin of the Geberit ONE series and the light lay-on and hand-rins washbasins of the Geberit iCon series are now available in white matt.

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Geberit Aquaclean Sela Surface in white matt

Geberit AquaClean Sela in white matt (© Geberit)

The ceramic and WC seat of the elegant Geberit AquaClean Sela are now also available in white matt. This trendy surface makes the shower toilet an eye-catcher in every modern bathroom.

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Geberit CleanLine50 Narrow and functional

CleanLine50 (© Geberit)

The CleanLine50 features a modern, minimalist design. With a width of just three centimetres and an asymmetrical drainage channel, it provides additional visual variety in the Geberit family. The two available colours include a stainless steel version made of brushed sheet metal, and a black chrome version with an anti-fingerprint surface. With its elegant, timeless look, the CleanLine50 can be incorporated into almost any bathroom design.

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Flush valve type 208 New core for 8 cm concealed cistern

Geberit flush valve type (© Geberit)

Geberit has revised the dual flush unit type 208 and optimised its hydraulic properties. For example, the valve now has a throttle with which the discharge velocity of the flush water can be adjusted. The handling has also been improved: Installation and removal are easier to manage in flush tanks that are only 8 cm wide. The flush valve type 208 is backwards-compatible, which is why it is also suitable as a spare part for older concealed cisterns with 8 cm installation depth.

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Geberit Connect Economical management of sanitary rooms

Networking of Geberit sanitary appliances with Geberit Connect (© Geberit)

Geberit Connect provides a platform for networking sanitary appliances. This allows users to benefit from comprehensive and economical operation of their sanitary installations. What’s more, with Geberit Connect, the sanitary rooms can also be connected to a building automation system.

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Brenta & Piave washbasin taps New surface variants

Brenta deck-mounted tap in black matt (© Geberit)
Piave deck-mounted tap with brushed stainless steel finish (© Geberit)

The electronic Brenta and Piave taps are now available in black matt and brushed stainless steel finishes. These round off the existing assortment perfectly and serve to expand the range of design possibilities in public sanitary facilities.

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Public applications Range extension

Public applications (© Geberit)

New finishes added to our public products offer endles design possibilities and a matching look for WCs and urinals in public areas. Sigma10 WC actuator plates, urinal controls and remote actuation plates are now available in black matt.

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Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module Elegance and comfort combined

Geberit Monolith Plus (© Geberit)

The revised Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module expands the possibilities for designing the bathroom as an individual place of well-being. Among other things, this is ensured by the new lighting concept with four dimmable lighting scenes. In addition, the sanitary module is compatible with the Geberit Home app. This allows the lighting and other electronic functions such as the odour extraction to be programmed. A new feature is an interval flush. This ensures that the water pipes and the cistern of the sanitary module are regularly flushed during longer absences.

The Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module is available as of October 2023.

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