Geberitinnovations for 2024

New perspectivesFor the whole bathroom

Get an exclusive insight into the innovations for 2024. Read on to find out about attractive new features and additions to the Geberit product ranges in front of and behind the wall.

Bathroom products

Geberit AquaClean AlbaThe innovation of the year

Geberit AquaClean Alba

As the latest addition to the Geberit shower toilet family, AquaClean Alba is a simple, stylish WC complete with spray functionality.

It is the ideal model for shower toilet beginners, as it includes only the most essential functions and the additional cost compared to a conventional toilet is very low.

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Geberit AquaClean Sela SquareStraight lines in the bathroom

Geberit AquaClean Sela Square

Straight lines are a popular choice in many bathrooms. If this sounds like your style, the square model of the AquaClean Sela is sure to box your space off perfectly.

Geberit AquaClean Sela Square is available in two design variants:

  • The white alpine design cover blends in seamlessly with the white alpine ceramic.
  • The gloss chrome design cover creates a deliberate yet gentle accent effect.

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Geberit Mix & MatchNew bathroom vanity combinations

Mix & Match: Geberit ONE lay-on washbasin with iCon cabinet

Geberit now offers a whole host of different options for tailoring the bathroom vanity to suit customers’ personal preferences. With Geberit Mix & Match, you can combine bathroom furniture, washbasins and accessories on a modular basis across different series.

The Mix & Match washplace assortment is designed based on a modular concept. Depending on the design and functional preferences, bathroom furniture and washbasins from the Geberit ONE, Acanto and iCon bathroom series can be individually assembled and paired with matching mirrors or mirror cabinets.

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Geberit AcantoClean lines, customised details

Geberit Acanto washbasin with bathroom furniture and Geberit Acanto WC

The entire furniture range in the Geberit Acanto bathroom series has undergone a full redesign. All drawers now offer full-depth storage space, as the trap cut-out is no longer required. What’s more, the Acanto furniture now also features the tried-and-tested drawer system from Geberit ONE and iCon. As with all Mix & Match furniture, the furniture frame is the same, as are the interfaces for fastenings and accessories such as towel rails.

In addition to two glass surfaces (in white and lava), the range now also includes furniture in white gloss, white matt and lava matt, as well as melamine oak and walnut.

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Geberit BambiniModern design with new colours

Children playing in a Geberit Bambini bathroom

Modernised new WCs, play and washspaces, flush plates, Geberit Duofix elements for WCs, Geberit GIS sets for washspaces and newly designed washbasin taps will be available from April 2024 for the Geberit Bambini bathroom series.

The products in the bathroom series are available in various colours and combinations to complement the childcare facilities: ocean blue and light blue, forest green and light green, carmine red and orange, and neutral white.

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Geberit Alpha30Black matt

Geberit Alpha 30 matt black

The Geberit Alpha30 actuator plate is now available in the color black matt. This addition complements the existing product range flawlessly while broadening the spectrum of design opportunities.

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Brenta & Piave washbasin tapsnew surface variants

Brenta & Piave washbasin taps

The electronic Brenta and Piave taps are now available in black matt and brushed stainless steel finishes. These round off the existing assortment perfectly and serve to expand the range of design possibilities in public sanitary facilities.

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Geberit Monolithwith stoneware design

The Geberit Monolith is now available in stoneware design. The variation in front claddings opens up unexpected possibilities when it comes to bathroom design.

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