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Keeping drains perfectly clean With a removable comb insert

Geberit ONE washbasin

Geberit ONE washbasin

The horizontal drain of the Geberit ONE washbasin is cleverly positioned on the rear edge of the basin and concealed with a magnetic cover that is held exactly in position. Behind the cover is a comb insert that acts as a hair trap. With just a flick of the wrist, the cover and comb insert can be easily removed and cleaned. This means the drain is kept clean and clogging can be prevented.

Thanks to its position on the rear edge of the basin, the drain is also not directly in the water jet’s line of fire. This prevents water splashes, leading to a significant reduction in water and limescale residues. Cleaning is further simplified thanks to the special glaze KeraTect, which is a standard feature on all Geberit ONE washbasins. The glaze is baked onto the ceramic appliance and has a virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface.

Geberit ONE
Special glaze KeraTect

Geberit shower drain from the CleanLine series – comb insert which can be rinsed (@ Geberit)

Geberit CleanLine

The Geberit shower channel CleanLine is hygienic, clean and beautiful. In contrast to conventional shower channels, it does not discharge the water invisibly but instead via an elegant open drain made of stainless steel. As a result, there are no hidden areas where dirt can accumulate and lead to unpleasant odours. Simply remove and rinse the comb insert and give the CleanLine channel a quick wipe – and everything is clean.

Floor-even shower solutions

Comb insert for Geberit shower surface

Geberit Olona

The Geberit Olona shower surface is made of resin stone material and has a gentle incline leading to the drain at the front end. As there are no edges or corners, this shower solution is particularly easy to clean. The cover of the water outlet can be removed with a flick of the wrist. Underneath the cover is a comb insert that protects the drain from clogging. This can be easily removed and cleaned in next to no time.

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